My take on Homefront: The Revolution

Given that Homefront: The Revolution was free to play on Steam this weekend, I played the game to see if it truly was a disaster or if the game was underrated. My verdict is this; it’s nothing special, however it is something. I can only talk for the single player campaign.

The game itself is very interesting, the premise of the story is this: through the use of technology manufactured in Korea, a group called the KPA (Korean People’s Army) invaded the united states by manipulating back doors in their technology to essentially turn off Americas military. Left critically wounded with no hope, the KPA invaded and seamlessly claimed the continent. This is where the player comes in, you are apart of an uprising in an open world who opposes your rulers. through the use of friends you call the resistance, you’re provided with all the armaments and items you’d need to mount an offensive.

The game is divided into various zones and they all work slightly differently to one another. In the Red Zone the presence of the KPA while high, is still less than the yellow zone, and the civilian population is practically none existent so you have free reign to wield weapons atop bikes while shooting your way through the zone and slowly reclaiming it for the resistance.

The Yellow zone is a bit different, the occupation in the zone is extremely high. The player in this zone is tasked with invigorating the people to rise up and fight, however this is done by tedious rebellious behavior; by disabling KPA tech, broadcasting resistance radio, stopping home invasions and general nuisances the player slowly gains the hearts of the people and eventually when the time is right, their weapons.

Notable features:

Weapon customization: each weapon has many attachments ranging from pistol to SMG upgrades, stronger grip, nuzzles, silencer, optical scopes and camouflage. This means you can convert an assault rifle into a sniper rifle if you so wish.

The Bikes: I can’t vouch for this enough, it was a nice surprise to be riding through broken down buildings and dodging bullets on top of a motorbike. There’s not much else to say, use them yourself and tell me you don’t fall in love with them.

Optimization: Their are some texture glitches that have been addressed in recent updates that have been fixed. Aside from this, the graphics are overall quite good, the game has a dark atmosphere in a seemingly post apocalyptic environment, everything is high resolution and the motion blur isn’t distracting, again, you should decide for yourself.

Hacking: Hacking is quite unique, has an extremely fast pace and has had me on my toes a few times.

Set backs/flaws:

Combat: Clunky and unthrilling combat, the feel is repetitive and the execution is lackluster, this is a drawback however isn’t a game breaker for me or anyone else I know who have played a game.

Controls: in general the controls are quite weird in comparison to similar controls you find in AAA games. The buttons are seemingly spread at random making it a guessing game to figure out how a lot of stuff functions, sheathing my weapon took me a very long time to figure out. (0) by the way, zero.

Focus on story: The game is mission driven, and has a lack of side content, the content offered along side the actual story line is extremely lacking and becoming annoying to partake in to the point where the average player would rather run through the game doing nothing but the missions because frankly that’s all you have to do

My verdict is this; try it for yourselves, it’s not bad as games go, and for the price tag of £18 I personally think it’s worth it despite the drawbacks.


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