Kings and Heroes Review

Kings and Heroes is an Early Access first person Dungeons and Dragons style dungeon crawler, currently listed for $19.99. The game boasts a 1-8 co-op  experience with randomly generated dungeons and a moderate amount of character creation.

When you begin the game and begin creating a character you pick your standard fantasy basics. You can choose from Human, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Halfling, or Orc. From their your gender and name, after that you roll your stats; a feature that I found to be unique to the game. After this you pick your class, Champion, Cleric, Wizard, Ranger, or Rogue, each with their own unique abilities.

Once you are in the game you are dropped into the main town of Everdale. From here there are your basic vendors and crafting trainers. To enter your first dungeon you go to the town inn and sit at a table, from their deciding on what type of dungeon you want; Cave or crypt are the two starting options, and then how long you want the dungeon to be. After this you select the dungeon difficulty, Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, or Insane.

The gameplay was very confusing to me at first, not because of the mechanics but because of balancing. I went in on Hard with me and a friend, myself a Champion Dwarf and him an Orc Cleric. We started in the Crypt and I was immediately killed in one hit and so was he. After some trial and error we soon realized that we would destroy the skeletons one swift blow as well. After this we blew through the dungeon like a breeze, and the higher difficulties were found to be more or less the same.


Mechanically, the game suffers a tremendous amount from a myriad of different things. Plagued by long load times, frame drops, and textures that won’t load, the game comes off as seemingly pre-alpha. The in game push to talk button will also crash you to desktop if you hold it for more than a few seconds, even more so it crashes those around you. On more than a few occasions I would spawn into Everdale and someone who appears to not suffer from the bug, or not to be affected so soon, would run around singing the song of trolls everywhere, crashing me almost instantly. I also found that as a dwarf my Field of View is rather low, and my camera is placed in my chest, giving the impression that I am incredibly short, forcing my to look up to other dwarves and even halflings.

Kings and Heroes is a game that has a serious amount of potential, however due to a mix of its bugs, price, and appalling amount of repetition, I can’t say it’s worth it at all. I really wanted to like this game, but I just couldn’t look past its crippling flaws. However this isn’t to say it isn’t a game worth keeping an eye on.


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