My thoughts on Nuka World.

Nuka world is one of the best DLC’s that Bethesda have created for us, simply because it’s unique in comparison to DLC’s from every other title.

The player is immediately thrust into this world by hearing a radio broadcast coming from the Nuka Cola transit center. Upon arriving you’re confronted by gunners investigating the same signal and are tasked with murdering them. Once that is done, you stumble upon a man claiming that Nuka World has his family, although if you’re persuasive enough he will reveal that he’s just there to trick you into going; you’ll go anyway.

The fun begins with the gauntlet, it’s a maze of brutal traps designed to kill you. While you navigate this hell, an over excited and eccentric man is narrating over your seemingly impending demise. When you beat the gauntlet, because frankly you’re a damn legend, you’re asked by a man called Gage, to overcome the final obstacle which is a raider leader called Colter clad in supercharged power armor that you defeat using wit and a water gun. Yes, a water gun.

It’s revealed that three raider factions were lead to take over Nuka World by Colter at the promise of land and caps however he had become lax in his position of power and had lost his drive to take over the massive park. This is when it’s revealed that you the player are the new ‘Overboss’ of these three factions and are going to be tasked with storming the rest of the parks and rewarding your raider friends with the land and spoils; don’t worry, you get your cut.

Now it should be noted that you can play the role of the bad-ass raider leader, or you can kill them all and give the park to neutral traders, but where is the fun in that? I myself clearly donned the title of raider king and slaughtered everything in my path.

The people you’ll meet:

Leader of the disciples; Nisha. Nisha is a cold blooded killer and carries herself as such, her and the disciples live in fizz-top mountain, a dark place donned with cages of their victims, executions and crazies alike.

Leader of the Pack; Mason. Mason is a calm collected but albeit psycho just like Nisha who runs the ‘nest’. In the nest is a zoo, full of gorillas and other creatures you find in the wasteland that he pits together for entertainment, he often gives the player missions to do with the zoo which are quite fun, I won’t go into detail on every aspect as not to ruin everything.

Leaders of the Operators; Mags and William black. These two were born into wealth and not into the raider life, so the way they rule their gang is slightly different, the armor they wear is evident alone, they wear sleek black and kill a lot less than both of the other gangs.

The rest of the characters you should meet and profile for yourselves, a few of them are really interesting and down right scary.

Another notable feature are the parks themselves, each park comes with it’s own adversary be it a man or an illusion you’ll constantly find yourself in the thick of it and under fire, believe me.

my favorite we’ll talk about is kiddie kingdom, despite the borderline creepy name it’s extremely good, it features a ferries wheel, tea cup rides and crazy painted feral ghouls to blow away with your shotgun. It also features a magician and an insane amount of radiation, so you know that’ll be a fun endeavor.

I can’t talk about much else without ruining the whole quest line but I personally believe it’s worth buying, or playing if you purchased the season pass. There are fun weapons, crazy people, mind boggling illusions, fast paced combat and enough content to keep you happy for hours.


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