Nvidia’s Vault 1080

It’s no secret that the 10XX generation of graphics cards by Nvidia are currently the best on the market boasting 6GB of VRAM power and a completely new architecture called Pascal. Deciding to show off the capabilities of these new graphics cards Nvidia made a Fallout mod called “Vault 1080” with an emphasis on custom lighting and rendering power to really explore the capabilities of these new cards.

As detailed as the mod was, it was completely lore breaking and lacked any actual exciting and thrilling content. It had many anachronisms, having radiation barrels that didn’t emit any radiation, Institute lab coats despite the institute having no connection to the vault, and prior to the great war having not having existed in the form it takes now as well as ‘story’ being nothing but a few dead ends and notes. Visually stimulating maybe, but it falls short in every other aspect. You also find Jet, a post war drug and a seemingly random gunner turret, despite the vault being untouched after the bombs fell.

Anyone with a weaker graphics card than the aforementioned 10xx series, it’s more like vault 10fps. Some users have reported that even with their 980TI’s on high settings, the mod still can fall to below 30fps in the more expansive parts of the mod.

Disabling godrays in your settings can really improve performance making the mod playable. Despite it’s short comings, the mod claims to be nothing more than a tech demo, and it that regard it lives up to it’s name. It has professional voice acting, a story, despite it being ultimately boring and custom assets.

So is it worth getting? Sure, it’s free. Is it lore breaking? Sure, but what would you expect.

The mod itself can be found here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18172/?

If you’re completely anal about it being lore friendly just as I am, you’ll find a fix here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18210/?


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