3 More Reasons To Be Excited about Mass Effect: Andromeda

There are many many reasons to already be excited about the upcoming sequel in the Mass Effect series, for example, you should be excited about the fact that there is a new game in the Mass Effect series. Joking aside, the game is going to introduce a plethora of new features, and some older features that have been expanded and updated such as the varied combat styles now referred to as profiles.

As you progress through the game you will unlock new and more complex skills. You will eventually gain access to new 7 ‘new’ Profiles (most of which you’ll be familiar with) which add combat and exploration benefits to your character depending on how you’ve chosen to level.

For example, if you choose to level up your biotic skills you will eventually unlock the Adept profile which adds combat bonuses to your biotic abilities and depending on how you gear your character and the weapons you choose to wield, you can gain various other bonuses to create a jack of all trades.

As you choose to invest more into these profiles, you’ll gain more powerful benefits, however, if you truly are varied within these skills, you’ll only gain mediocre abilities from each proficiency.

Here you can see the benefits Drack has accumulated based on how he’s been leveled and equipped.

No more Paragon and Renegade.

Many games and companies which are known for extensive dialogue have often featured good guy, bad guy-esque conversational choices which can negatively or positively impact the events that unfold afterward to the point that it’s become a bit of a cliche within the gaming industry.

While the game will keep true to its Mass Effect roots be keeping the conversation wheel from the previous games, it’s completely scrapped the Paragon/Renegade features that shaped the way Shepard was perceived in the original trilogy as being either a merciful guardian angel, of a Merciless vengeful justice bringer.

Andromeda will instead have a more extensive system, which includes choices based on the Heart, Head and Professional and casual choices. Not to worry however, interrupting actions will still be featured within the game in Shepard like outbursts of passion or anger!

The new system in comparison to the old one will be much more ambiguous, hopefully leading to more complex plot threads. While a sound idea, the execution if not done right could wind up having the negative effects that the Fallout 4 dialogue downfalls had.

“that more traditional role-playing sort of feeling, which is less about ‘Do I want to be good or bad,’ and more about ‘How do I want to express myself.'”

A picture of Alec Ryder, your characters Father and previous Pathfinder.

Open World System

All those who have actually followed the development of the game know the premise of the story is to find Humanity a new golden world to flourish and restar civilisationon should the Reaper war back in the Milky Way go disastrously.

The first game in the series much like Andromeda had also attempted to delve into the world of Sandbox generated planets. This, however, was met with varied reactions by the fans of the game due to it lacking any sort of uniqueness and variation. Essentially, when you’d seen one generated sandbox planet, you’d seen all sandbox generated planets. The first game just like it’s sequel andromeda has you exploring these hazardous planets in the Mako, a vehicle designed for rapid deployment in active battle zones.

Bioware has made a lot of promises regarding the new open world system, first and foremost that unlike its predecessor each planet will have unique aspects to offer for the player to find. Some of these planets will, along with being open world, be handcrafted. This means that Bioware could offer up unique scenarios not found elsewhere within the game.

There has been speculation that the game will resemble Dragon Age: Inquisition in the sense that each area of within the game (Planets in Andromeda), while handcrafted and quite beautiful will offer nothing more than infamous grab and collect type repetitive missions for resources and so on.

Bioware themselves have gone on record to say “we’ve also observed what other games have been doing, like The Witcher. And it was very important for us that the quantity of scope doesn’t downgrade the quality of whatever you are doing.” This is very promising because if they draw inspiration from the right aspects of incredible games like The Witcher, Andromeda could deliver a rich, open world experience with serious narrative driven quests, and unending hours of fun without compromising the quality of the core game itself.

Each planet also offers up bandit and pirate type hideouts for the player to cleanse and claim for themselves, to use as stepping stones in colonization.


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