Controversial Racism and Lack of Diversity at BioWare

Amidst the expected failing of Mass Effect: Andromeda, there has been a slight uproar and unveiling of a lack of diversity and racism within BioWare, as well as something being called the Ugly Effect of Andromeda. How this information hasn’t been brought to the forefront of game journalists until now is quite baffling, but I too hadn’t noticed it until now.

The biggest problem brought up has been about former, yes, former creative director at BioWare Manveer Heir. Manveer exited the company a month ago, to start up an indie project through his own volition. However, whether he was forced out of the company due to his racist rants on twitter is unknown. Furthermore, Manveer hasn’t backtracked on any of his statements, and still posts anti-white statements on twitter. Here are a few examples:

screenshot one.JPG

screenshot two.JPG

screenshot three.JPG

A lot of articles and youtube videos have addressed Manveer’s racism but haven’t discussed the severity of his statements. Historically and rightly so there has been the stigma against anyone being racist towards minorities, even slightly. However, in recent years there has been a discussion about whether racism towards white people even exists, due to their being no historical oppression of white people themselves. This calls into question how you define racism itself and how people find racism and prejudice against certain races not as severe as others.

If you express a negative stereotype towards any race and minority, is that not racism? If you are prejudice, discriminate or directly antagonize a race, are you not racist? If you believe in this, then you should also believe that any negative prejudice towards white people is also inherently racist. In this sense, Manveer heir has been and is still a racist.

This calls into question has long Manveer Heir has held this personal belief and twitter vendetta against white people, and if it’s a long-held philosophy of his why has BioWare let it go on?

“From the start, BioWare envisioned the Mass Effect series as a trilogy, with the first two games being a preamble to the third. For this reason, BioWare was able to begin production on Mass Effect 3 before Mass Effect 2 was even released.” If this is true, Manveer Heir was on the creative team for the mass effect games before 2010 and on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

So what do you think of this? Has BioWare been aware of this and let it go on? If so does that call into question their innocence in this situation? And where do you stand on the racism aspects of Manveer’s rants as a whole, warranted and justified? Hypocritical for not thinking it’s actually racist because it’s prejudice against white people? Let me know what you think.

The last thing I’d like to talk about is the lack of diversity and what people are dubbing, the ugly andromeda effect.

People have noticed a stark comparison between Bioware’s character models from previous games and the character models from the newer, larger games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The big difference is that in the previous games, characters were a lot more attractive, busty and curvy. In the newer games, the character models are less revealing, have blockier/squared faces and are relatively normal. This is leading to the belief that BioWare is bowing to the social pressure of perceiving their characters in a way that pleases social justice progressiveness, and not creating characters the way they’d like too.

The first comparison comes from the main female character in Mass Effect Andromeda, Sarah Ryder.


On the left is Jayde Rossi, the face model for Sara Ryder. On the right, you can see how Sara Ryder turned out which is someone with a much rounder face, wider normal eyes and a completely different nose.


Here on the left is Steven Brewis, the face model for Scott Ryder. On the right, you can see that it turned out incredibly well, not a facial feature sacrificed.

Players have also noted the unnecessary outing and expressions of various sexualities with BioWare games recently. For example in Dragon Age: Inquisition, your companion Sera is Lesbian, and another companion you get called Dorian does whatever he pleases with whomever he pleases. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about your sexual orientation because it has nothing to do with me, but players have started to feel that recently with games such as Inquisition and Andromeda they’re having these sexualities shoved into their faces to appease the SJW persuasion.

Players also feel that not only do they do this to appease everyone, but this is why they’ve also made chins and jaws blockier and body types flatter as well as straighter and less curvy. Doing these things makes games friendlier to feminists, and the LGBT community by nullifying things such as the ‘male gaze’ and giving them characters that they can relate too. It also means that people that feel this way have female characters that aren’t unrealistically attractive, or unrealistically unclothed. To see more of what I think BioWare are trying to do, watch this video:

Sources: watch?v=AriDHk9TB0U watch?v=v-0nCsE2zMA


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