Impeding Irrelevance of the Xbox One?

in 2013 Microsoft unveiled their then behemoth of a sequel to the Xbox 360, the Xbox one. The Xbox one was originally meant to be an all in one entertainment bundle, for TV, internet use and of course gaming. This sparked an immediate outcry from passionate gamers and Microsoft was just as quick to respond with removing restrictions on sharing games, as well as stepping back from the entertainment center idea they were striving for and choosing instead to improve gaming oriented features, such as removing the online dependency when playing purely single player games.

Now while the launch was rocky and didn’t meet the expectations of the industry, loyalists to the Xbox name kept the consoles heart beating heavy and since then it has been healthy and has played big titles well, such as call of duty, Witcher 3, Battlefield and so on.

keep in mind that the Xbox one has also had great exclusive releases, such as the Forza horizon games, Halo games and of course the gears of war series. This, however, is where the problem lies, with the lack of games and good exclusives not creating traction for the console. Playstation has had an incredible first quarter of the year with games like Horizon Zero Dawn and the announcement of The Last of Us 2, not to mention the PS4 is still riding the wave of success with previous releases such as Uncharted 4, and The Last Guardian.

The Xbox One and the PS4 have long been the sole rivals and titans of the gaming Industry, however, this year has seen the release of Nintendos next big hope: The Switch. Not only has the switch been released, but it has already been placed on a pedestal with the promise of running critically acclaimed games like Skyrim, as well as being released with arguably the best game of the decade, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

So while the Xbox one has undeniably been declining in popularity, it’s now splitting the market share with fans of Nintendo, who have delved into the depths of their pockets and wallets to spend what they have on The Switch, the spiritual successor to the Wii U. The Wii U also did quite well on the market, although after a good run it became obsolete and while the Xbox One has escaped such a fate up until now, where does this put the console in terms of the future?

This year has already seen Platinum’s announcement that the game Nier Automata will not being released on the Xbox One, as well as the cancellation of the exclusive Scalebound. The only impactful release this year for the Xbox One has been Halo Wars 2, and while it’s undoubtedly an exceptional game, it’s not had a lasting effect on the console or the gaming industry as a whole. (It’s also thought of as much better on PC.)

Image result for halo wars 2

While this year has been mostly negative for the console, Microsoft maintains that despite the negative stigma, the console is selling well and will continue to release huge third party triple A games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

I myself am an advocate of the console; I got an Xbox One at release and I also bought myself an Xbox One S when that was released too. Now I eagerly await the release and of the Scorpio in hopes that Microsoft will once again topple Playstation and Nintendo. But until then, I’ll go back to playing The Legend of Zelda.

So what do you think, will Scorpio revive the Xbox and put it back on top? Let me know.





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